4K for Cancer (4K)

4K coordinates four rides starting from Baltimore and ending all across the West Coast along with a run that starts in San Francisco and ends in Baltimore. 4K began as a club at Johns Hopkins in 2001 and has since raised 3 million dollars.

85% of every Dollar

Goes towards supporting the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, which supports the UCF navigator program and continue to support young adult-specific treatments



Make a Donation

It is never too late to make a donation. Even after the ride concludes, feel free to make a donation to further support the Ulman Cancer Fund and all of the great things they do!
Donate Online
Learn more about donation levels and see who has donated here:
Donate Page



I Want To Thank You!

During the ride I will be sending out a thank you card to everyone who donated and I would really like your address to send it. Please fill out the form below.





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